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Comfort And Joy

Comfort and Joy Cover

A friend of my wife’s wrote a short story to raise money to feed hungry people. Today I am sharing Kim’s blog post about this unique way to help a good cause…

From Kim:

“So do you think e-Books will replace traditional publishing of books?” A journalist asked this question as part of an interview for an article she wrote about the book I co-authored with my friend Donna.

I really don’t know the extent to which e-Books will replace hard cover or trade paper books… but I do know how very grateful I am tonight for my friend and author Craig Lancaster for publishing a short story via e-Book this week – and I’m thankful for my Kindle e-Book reader which allowed me to view it.

Comfort and Joy is the title of Craig’s story. And if you get through it without a tear or two dampening your cheek – well – you should change your name to Scrooge and expect a visit from the “Ghost of Christmas What’s the Matter with You?”

One very cool thing about Craig’s story is that it costs just one little ol’ dollar. Just one. That’s it. Less than a large double-double at Timmie’s – and a quarter of the price of a venti-whatever. Craig is going to bundle up all of the dollars he receives from the sale of his e-Book and donate them to Feeding America this Christmas. The great people at Feeding America will take those dollars and provide food to people who do not have food. Simple.

You do not need a Kindle in order to buy Comfort and Joy. You can download it to your computer. Check out Craig’s website and click on the words “Purchase Craig’s Christmas 2010 Short Story.” Go. Now.

~ Peace. Comfort. Joy.

Kimberly Parker



I first experienced Eli’s Cheesecake at the Taste of Chicago, some-odd years ago.  My wife is from Chicago and if you ever get the chance to attend a “Taste,” I highly recommend it.  And don’t forget the cheesecake.  It’s pretty darn GOOD!

I recently learned of an entrepreneurial young woman who is using cheesecake in a unique way.  Lisa Adrianne is a 22-year old recording artist from British Columbia.  2 years ago this month Lisa lost her mom to cancer.  As a talented songwriter and singer, it is no surprise that music has played a big role in her grieving and emotional healing.  Lisa and her friend Debbie Fortnum are now using music, and cheesecake, to bring hope and inspiration to others who are in the fight against cancer.  They offer families a fundraising opportunity to host a Cheesecake Concert.  They provide help with the marketing materials and provide the program for the evening, with proceeds benefitting the family.  The desire to use their musical gifts to help others is inspiring. 

We all have something that we have been given that can be used to help encourage others. Organizations that give back to their communities in selfless ways, simply because they can are unique in our “what’s in it for me” culture. Consider the ways that you currently ‘give back.’ Look for places where you can give where others may not be able to. This can go a long way to helping you stand out in your industry.

Great job, Lisa and Debbie! visit for more information