And One More Thing…

My wife makes a terrific homemade pizza.  Since learning of this hidden talent of hers, we rarely do take-out pizza anymore, however, from time to time it can’t be helped.  We brought home some Domino’s a while back.  Stapled to the cover of the box was an advertisement for a new menu item for Domino’s:  A Chocolate Lava Cake. Yum.  I started thinking about cake.  But then, I noticed something else off to the side of the page… an ad for the Blue Ray version of the Despicable Me movie.

No tie-in to the Chocolate Cake.  No relevance of any sort that is mentioned.  It was almost as if they made the Chocolate Cake flyer and then said, “Hey – we have some space over here – what can we fill it with?”

The result – an advertisement with identity confusion.  I stopped thinking about the cake.

Just because you have some white space, doesn’t mean you have to fill it.  Make your point and then stop.  If what is on the page is not contributing to strengthening the core message – it does not belong there.  Get rid of it.

Use the same ruthlessness in your emails or other written correspondence with clients.  Do not toss in extra offers or products at the last minute.  That “one more thing” weakens what you really want to say.

And one more thing…  Happy Selling!


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