Using Others’ Recommendations To Move Along A Sale

It is a warm and fuzzy feeling when a client sends you a testimonial or recommendation – stating the wonderful qualities of your personhood and praising your wise and savvy business solutions.

LinkedIn has simplified the process of asking for recommendations from colleagues and clients.  Those who use LinkedIn as part of their business media strategy find it natural to receive recommendation requests from those with whom they have done business.  Potential clients can view your recommendations to gain insight into the results you deliver before deciding if they want to engage in business with you.  You can also do the same for potential business partners you are considering.

However, there is another way that you can use the recommendations section of LinkedIn to help move your sale along with a prospect.  From a contact’s profile page, you can view the recommendations that they have given to others.  Read what they have written about other people.  It gives you insight to what the prospect values.  Look for patterns.  If in three or four recommendations he states, “Jim is very detail-oriented…”  “Sally’s attention to detail helped our company…” etc. you would learn that “attention to detail” is something of importance to this person.

This information can help you tremendously in learning which types of information about your product or service would be relevant and how you should handle this account.

The more you understand what your prospect values, the better equipped you are to move your sale along.  Soon, that prospect will become a satisfied customer providing you with a recommendation.

Happy Selling!


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