Your Competitors are NOT Morons

If you ask a sales person about their competition, he is likely to roll his eyes and spout some venom about how “stupid” the competition is.  Or, he will retell a story of a time when the competitor screwed up an account and he swooped in and saved the day.

Most of the sales people I have met view their competition as incompetent; not knowing how to properly care for the customers.

<img title=”moron” src=”; alt=”your competitors are not morons” width=”300″ height=”300″ />Here’s the thing… your competition is finding some way to stay in business, pay their bills and keep people on the payroll.  Obviously something they do has appeal to a segment of your market.  You would do well to spend some time to figure out what it is that they do right and not only focus on the things you perceive as wrong.

You may indeed have a superior product or service.  So why do you lose business to the competition?  Are they working harder than you?  Are they better networked?  Do they communicate more timely -or- more clearly?  Do their sales people have a better grasp of the sales process?

Taking the time to view the competition through new eyes might highlight to you areas where they work well and give you some ideas for improvement.  Remember, they probably view you as incompetent too – and we know that’s not correct. Is it?

Happy Selling!


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