Pizza Anyone?

Every couple of days Dominos pizza sends me an offer.  The kids love Dominos, and I have often used their on-line service to order a pizza for pick up on my way home.  The Dominos emails are graphically appealing, well written, and they offer specials only for email customers.  I have only one problem with their advertising – they send it to me at 8:30 AM.  I’m not in college anymore, so the last thing I am thinking about at 8:30 AM is pizza.  Honestly, the photo makes me feel a little queasy.  Cheesy, gooey pizza and chicken wings don’t go well with my morning coffee.

The problem Dominos now has is that is their coupon will now be buried in my daily barrage of email.  It possibly will get deleted before the window of opportunity comes along in which I might place an order.  Dominos knows my location because when I signed up for the online service, it asked me my province.  I guess maybe Dominos is just to lazy – or hasn’t thought about the implications of something such as email timing – to segment their data.  Because of that, they are missing a prime opportunity.  Something as simple as a change of the delivery time of that email to 4:00 PM and it is likely that my reaction and redemption rate would dramatically change.   A small detail like email delivery time can be the difference between a big success or a big failure.


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