All In

Yesterday I spoke about dividing your marketing materials in to smaller, more relevant and targeted pieces. The first comment I received on that post was typical of what I often hear. “My customer base is too varied to allow me to divide up my marketing materials like you suggest.”

It is tempting to believe that everyone is a prospective customer. It is so tempting to add a little bit of everything to your product offerings so you can appeal to everyone. The problem with this approach is you often appeal to no one in particular. Your message gets watered down. You become another generic business in a sea of generic businesses. I have seen time and again that a wide and varied customer base goes hand in hand with poor sales results and lack of focus. The better a business knows and understands their customer demographics – the more efficient their sales and marketing tend to be.

When you go all in, your attention and effort are focused. Do you have the guts to go all-in for a targeted customer base? Are you all in?


2 responses to “All In

  1. It’s a interesting thought. I’ve been told many times that sticking to one marketing message that is as simple as possible is the best. Simply because then you can hammer it again and again as opposed to trying to change it every time.

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